Vese, Croatia

Hailing from the sun-drenched island of Hvar, it’s no surprise Vese claims it’s her favorite Adriatic island. But it’s not because of its unrivaled natural beauty or iconic red-roofs, it’s because it’s where her mom lives amongst her collection of olive trees. 

A veteran in the industry and proud Croatian, Vese is the owner of an award-winning boutique agency that has been crafting FOMO-inducing trips for over a decade.  Vese and her team are always on the hunt for the next hidden secret to share with their guests – whether that’s a secluded cove on one of Croatia’s many isles or a mountain pass with a killer view on Croatia’s mainland. Vese realized early on the do-good potential of her company and built her agency with an unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. When she’s not trip planning or exploring her home country, Vese can be found sea kayaking or tending to her permaculture garden (a green thumb she clearly inherited from her mother). Don’t expect the ‘norm’ with Vese,  we guarantee a side of Croatia that few get to see.