Cherif, Egypt

Overlooking the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo (which houses an impressive Indiana Jones-esque collection of mummies, tombs, and Eyptian antiquities) sits Cherif’s office, and a view he has grown up with his entire life. Born into the industry, Cherif took over the business from his mother, transforming the successful legacy agency into a modern and values-driven business. Cherif puts the ‘expert’ in expertly-curated trips, never failing to deliver unique itineraries for travelers looking to experience the heart and soul of his country. Realizing the do-good potential of his agency, Cherif donates a percentage of trip profits to an organization that works to alleviate unemployment and illiteracy in Egypt. When he’s not trip planning, this Egyptian jockey can be found in the saddle, spending early mornings and weekends riding around the arid outskirts of Cairo.

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