Zoloo, Mongolia

Meet Zoloo, our resident Wonder Woman in Mongolia. Born in Ulaanbaatar and raised by bears (kidding, although she is one of the few trackers of the elusive Gobi bear), Zoloo is a fervent trail runner and can be found most weekends speeding along the ridges of the Bogd Mountains. A veteran in the business, Zoloo swapped her experience as a travel guide for tailor-made trip planning, and now runs a boutique agency with her sister and has an impressive history of FOMO-inducing trips under her belt. Specializing in expertly curated and responsible trips around Mongolia, this sister duo now proudly operates an award-winning, sustainably certified, female and family-owned local business. When she’s not discovering new trails, Zoloo’s out honing her photography skills, stopping at her favorite café for a latté, or home cooking Khorkhog (a barbecue dish) for friends and family.

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