Alan, Japan

Meet Alan and Gibwa, our young husband and wife team who craft samurai and sake-infused adventures across Japan. Both transplants to this island nation, Alan and Gibwa admit that they can’t imagine living anywhere else. Alan, a photographer, fluent Japanese speaker, and Colorado native, moved to Japan ten years ago and got his start in tourism by leading tours around his beloved adopted nation. Gibwa, a business management professional from South Africa, met Alan five years ago as a client on one of Alan’s tours. As the story goes, Gibwa had a little crush on her handsome tour guide and Alan had a big, slightly unprofessional, crush on his lovely client, and… we’ll let them tell you the rest! Fast forward to 2021 when the pair celebrated the 100th trip operated by their boutique agency and the birth of their daughter — their self-proclaimed greatest adventure yet. Though Japan is not their home country, this duo of trip-planning experts treats their adopted home with as much love and appreciation as any native, prioritizing locally-owned accommodations for their guests, auditing their supply chain to ensure fair wages, and carefully crafting unique trips that mitigate the negative effects of over-tourism.

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