Andrea, Italy

On a star-filled night after a day of hiking in the Dolomites, Andrea and his best friend reminisced about their travels across Italy, swapping stories over a bottle of Amarone. One could blame it on the fresh air or the fine Italian wine… either way, it was there and then they decided to create a travel company. A veteran in the business, Andrea swapped his experience as a travel guide for tailor-made trip planning, and now has over 5 years and an impressive history of FOMO-inducing trips under his belt. His agency supports Addio Pizzo, a collective of tour guides and community businesses who refuse to pay “pizzo” (mafia extortion money). Andrea’s work to fight mafia corruption in the tourism sector is just one example of how he builds positive impact trips on his home turf. An accomplished climber, when Andrea’s not trip planning, you can find him on a rock face in the Dolomites with a 200 foot rope tied to his harness.

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