Marie, France

Louvre or lavender fields, haute cuisine or local bistro, chateaux or coastal escapes, Marie does it all with effortless flair. After ditching her corporate biz life for tailor-made trip planning, Marie now runs a boutique agency that crafts take-me-back trips across la France, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Growing up between Brittany and Paris, Marie alternated weekends – swapping gallery expos with oceanside crepes – and it’s safe to say this is how she developed an appreciation for the distinctly varied regions of her home country. Her favorite part of the job? Discovering the finest mille-feuille in Paris or the ideal terrace for plein-air dining in Provence to add to her traveler’s itineraries. When she’s not trip planning, Marie can be found strolling along the Seine with her baby girl.  Traveling à deux or en famille, Marie will show you a side of France that few get to see.

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