Hakob, Armenia

High up where the air is thin with snowshoes strapped on tight, you’ll find Hakob and Anush, our inspiring duo of trip-planning experts. This adventurous pair is on a mission to create mind-blowing trips around the Caucuses, while also ensuring a positive impact on their home turf. Being outdoor enthusiasts, it’s only natural that every trip sold is 100% plastic free and contributes to reforestation. This powerhouse duo takes their mission even further by financing educational and healthcare programs in their local communities, and in 2020, they showed unwavering resilience and pivoted their agency to provide wartime support to civilians amidst the Armenian–Azerbaijani conflict. Needless to say, a trip with Hakob and Anush is one you can feel good about taking. Dynamic and expertly-curated (think centuries of heritage and breathtaking backdrops), a trip with H&A means access to the most alluring trails and authentic hidden gems in the Caucuses. Add a flavor of local cuisine and a dash of that Armenian hospitality and we guarantee a trip will knock your socks off.

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